Friends of Weaver (FOW) Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with adopted Bylaws.

Nonprofit organization governed by local Board of Directors, guided by the national and state organization.

Created by Weaver parents in early 1990’s in response to District budget cuts threatening to adversely impact Weaver programs.

Nationally based organization established more than 100 years ago to promote the rights of children.

Parent-School-Community partnership designed to raise funds for Weaver technology needs.

Promotes programs for children and a forum of advocacy on behalf of children.

Raises funds through outright donations, Scrip sales, grants and matching funds, family fun nights, an annual dinner/auction, and other fundraisers. Raises funds for programs through memberships, Carnival, Celebrate with Books, and Book Fairs.
Funds personnel and supporting programs which would not exist due to budget cuts Supports programs (Bylaws prohibit the funding of personnel).
FOW is dedicated to acquiring, maintaining, improving, and updating technological resources. FOW sponsors the media center teacher on special assignment, purchase of iPads and other electronic devices, projectors, digital cameras, MIND licensing, and other technology vital for Weaver’s success. PTA raises funds to provide enrichment programs in the areas of reading, art, character education, and parent education. PTA also provides services such as “Winkos” (work/copy room), staff development, CGI coaching support, PE and recess equipment, field trips, class parties, 5th grade promotion and playground equipment.


Friends of Weaver (FOW) was founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization dedicated to acquiring, maintaining, improving, and updating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) resources at Jack L. Weaver Elementary School (Weaver). FOW's mission statement was recently updated to reflect the Board's updated goals: 

Inspiring a life-long passion for learning by tapping into children's curiosity and drive to explore.

The money FOW raises is used to enhance academic programs by funding instructors and tools that align with Weaver’s core values to ensure that our children receive the best education. Over the past 3 years, Friends of Weaver has funded the following thanks to our parent and community's generosity:


Fund a part-time STEAM teacher in the media center 
Fund a part-time literacy aide in the media center 

Tools and Technology

Replaced 30 teacher classroom computers  
Purchased 225 new Ipads for grades K-1
Replaced 38 laptops in the media center  

Curriculum/Educational Programs

Funded Next Generation Science Standards hands on lessons and materials
Funded Project Lead the Way programming

Board Positions

Click here to download board position descriptions.


Thank you to all the families who share our goals and participate in FOW's fundraisers. We are pleased to provide our annual end-of-school recap of an incredible year. Fiscal year summaries as of June 2017, June 2020, June 2021, and June 2022* are available online. Other miscellaneous financial reports are available upon request. Please email your request to for consideration. We encourage you to participate in a Friends of Weaver meeting (click here for details) to learn more about the organization

*The term "proposed," as used in the End of the Year recap, indicates the expenditure is expected to occur but must first undergo the district's approval and procurement process.

Do FOW and PTA work together?

Alike, but different: FOW and PTA

Friends of Weaver (FOW) and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are two separate organizations united in the same goal: create an enriching learning environment at Weaver. The two organizations work together to create a strong alliance between the community, school administration, teachers, parents and students. Following is an overview of the two organizations: