Weaver uses an innovative learning program called Music Intelligence Neural Development (MIND). MIND combines music instruction (piano) and graphically rich computerized math games (Jiji) to enhance students’ mathematical temporal ability. Keyboarding, Jiji computer education, and technology skills build strong mathematical understanding and unparalleled preparation for life-long learning.

All students (TK-5) enjoy the benefits of the MIND program thanks to Friends of Weaver (FOW) and your contribution!

FOW continually funds Weaver’s technology needs:

  • Through grants, employer matching, and your donations, FOW pays for the MIND Program's Teacher on Special Assignment, support to the media center, technology for teachers and classrooms, and support for the STEAM Initiative.
  • With the purchase of 170 devices in 2015, FOW completed Weaver’s vision and a four-year plan of a 1-to-1 student-to-device ratio for TK-5
  • FOW is a non-profit organization run by Weaver parent volunteers

Weaver and FOW need your help

  • FOW asks every Weaver family to donate $100 per child to ensure technology learning continues thriving at Weaver
  • Each year, FOW must raise $80,000 for the Teacher on Special Assignment (an extra position) and other MIND-related expenses
  • FOW also needs to raise $25,000 to purchase iPad storage lockers, create a repair/maintenance fund for the devices, and begin funding the “Full STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Ahead” initiative

Provide support today by making a tax-deductible donation using the payment method easiest for you:

  1. Donate online using a credit card
  2. Pay by check: Complete the form, make a check made payable to “Friends of Weaver,” and return it to the FOW box in the office.

Your child will directly benefit from your donation!

To learn more about MIND, visit mindinstitute.net

MIND Donations